Who we are

For decades careers in lighting began through the industry players and consultancies by working alongside notable experts, unlike other industries, formalised education and structured career paths were less important. But as modern lighting evolved the big names and types of organisations changed. The need for quality, recognised and structured learning became apparent and the audience much wider, access to those who could hand down knowledge was no longer an option.

Using the very best contract resource in lighting and learning, the LIA embarked on addressing the need for education, launched their Academy and secured a University partnership to provide formal qualifications. Bringing this team of lighting and learning experts together forged unique friendships and passion for helping develop the breadth of people behind exciting and diverse new careers in modern lighting. Now coming together as Light Unwrapped affords the mechanism to offer the very best support to the work of the LIA alongside others in the wider industries.

With the unique combination of capability and commitment the Light Unwrapped team is creating the breadth of learning portfolio lighters need and want, using experience in lighting, learning and different delivery methods that ensure the best fit for content and audience.