Introductory courses

Broad introductions to the importance, relevance and and business of lighting

The Basics of Light and Lighting

Part of Light Unwrapped’s unique blended learning approach, a first introduction with no technical jargon for those new to lighting or working with lighting products.


Introduction to Lighting

A one-day course providing a definitive overview of the lighting sector, covering the science, standards, regulations and business of the lighting industry.


Emergency Lighting

A suite of courses, from introductory level for non-lighting experts to specialist advanced programmes

Getting to Grips with Emergency Lighting

In partnership with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET),  a five hour online course providing an easy-to-understand first step for non-lighting experts.


Intermediate Emergency Lighting Risk Assessment

Part of Light Unwrapped’s unique blended learning approach, a deep dive into risk assessment for emergency lighting with online materials and time with expert tutors.


Legislation, Design and the Importance of Competence

A two-day face-to-face course with a respected Emergency Lighting designer, covering the theory, practice and limitations of Emergency Lighting risk assessment and design.


LIA Advanced Certificate
in Interior Lighting Design

The fully redeveloped Advanced Certificate in Interior Lighting provides you with the vital, well informed next step in advancing your knowledge and education for a career in interior lighting.

The Advanced Certificate course focuses on the professional design process from concept through specification, and ends with a design project that will test and develop what you have learned. It provides the crucial stepping stone for progressing your careers in lighting design from basic numbers to full design.

LIA Advanced Certificate
in Exterior Lighting Design

This 4-day course is structured on a designer’s approach to lighting, first concept, then detailed design before specification. Candidates will look at clients’ needs, how light makes you feel and act, masterplanning, navigation, dynamic city-scapes, light pollution and design thinking.

The Advanced Certificate is the natural progression from the LIA Certificate, which covers manual calculations and two-dimensional (working plane) design. The advanced course thinks in 3D, luminance, contrast, colour and dynamism, and assumes the use of lighting software. Air, rail, sports, area and architectural projects are used to learn from designers’ techniques, successes and failures.

DIALux evo

DIAlux evo is a leading lighting design software available to those involved in planning and visualising lighting.

Light Unwrapped offers training as part of organised courses through the Lighting Industry Academy, with open courses available for individuals to join or in-house courses available for companies to have training delivered on site for teams. The courses offered are:

  • DIALux evo Foundation (1 day)
  • DIALux evo Intermediate (1 day)
  • DIALux evo Advanced (1 day)
  • DIALux evo Foundation with Lighting Design Fundamentals (2 days)

Introduction to Lighting

This introductory course in lighting provides a definitive overview of the lighting sector and is suitable for those looking to familiarise themselves with the science, standards, regulations and business of the lighting industry.