The Basics of Light and Lighting

A first introduction to lighting topics, the Basics of Light and Lighting is suitable for those new to lighting, as well as people working with lighting products from outside the lighting industry.

Using simple language instead of technical jargon, you will be introduced light, vision, lighting terminology, the various light sources available, and how these can be used in a lighting design. You will also be given advice on procuring lighting, and where next to continue your lighting journey.

The Basics of Light and Lighting is the first programme to use our unique and innovative blended learning model, and hosted on our own virtual learning environment. You will have access to a range of online learning materials, including over 40 videos, and exercises you can complete at any time. This is combined with access to other students and tutors. Your programme will be completed with a group seminar led by a lighting expert.

LIA Introduction to Lighting

A full-day face-to-face course delivered in-person or online, this introductory course in lighting provides a definitive overview of the lighting sector and is suitable for those looking to familiarise themselves with the science, standards, regulations and business of the lighting industry.